Direct Primary Care

With Direct Primary Care* through EverMed you'll enjoy:

Unlimited access to primary care

See your physician as often as you need to.

No co-pays for primary care

Money and co-pays are no longer a barrier to care.

Same day, next day appointments

Open access to care means you can see your physician when you need them.

Longer visits

EverMed physicians have smaller patient panels than traditional care models. Coupled with less administration, this means they have more time for their patients. Cover multiple issues per visit and even multiple family members.

See your physician, not a physician

Seeing a physician who knows you and your medical history can be key to properly assessing your care.

All this and more for one flat monthly rate.

Association members - $89/person/month

Non members - $99/person/month

Direct Primary Care video

*Direct Primary Care is not insurance. It is an affordable option for individuals, families and employers to receive quality, local, personal medical care.


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